Our vision is to aid in the renewal of our beloved Catholic Church. We currently have ten programs in place to help us meet God's people where they are. Developed in the rich spiritual heritage of our forebears, whose roots, traditions and spiritual practices are still present in our Church today. Our programs are rooted in a threefold source:

1. The Bible; both Old and New Testaments

2. Contemplative traditions of the great Monastic Orders

3. Catechism of the Catholic Church

Just starting your journey? Any one of these three programs will help you build a firm faith foundation.

Lead Me into
the Deep, Lord

Instruct Me in
Your Ways, Lord

Teach Me through Your Prophets, Lord

Been at this a while? Any one of the following three programs are sure to help you journey deeper into your faith.

Pour Out Your
Spirit Upon Us, Lord

Shepherd Me into
Your Kingdom, Lord

Let Me Praise
Your Mercies, Lord

Travel in the footsteps of our apostolic forebears in the Acts of the Apostles over 14-weeks. Witness their transformation at the hands of the Holy Spirit. Just like them, we too have been sent to bring Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth!

In this 14-week program, you will focus on the teachings of Jesus, with the clear understanding that you cannot have Jesus without His teachings, and the biblical understanding of covenant life as Jesus lived and preached it.

Over 12-weeks you will grow in your appreciation of the Psalms and learn why the Church places such great emphasis on them in the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Hours.

If the Blessed Trinity is already your constant, daily companion, these programs will bring you to an even greater insight.

Are you looking to include the family? This is the program for all of you!

This program is for those who are familiar with the spiritual life and prayer.

Make Us Your Holy Family, Lord

Mold Me as Your Disciple, Lord

Over 14-weeks you will come to appreciate the importance of the Church in God's Plan of Salvation. Jesus established an unbreakable bond between Himself and His covenant family. Through the sacraments, God's life and love is celebrated in the midst of His covenant family, because Jesus is Emmanuel. Through Jesus, the Blessed Trinity dwells in our midst.

Pray with the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola under two formats: a 30-day retreat at our retreat center with daily spiritual direction, or a 6-month retreat, meeting once a week for spiritual direction.